No Milk Like Mama's Online Sleep Course

Evidence based information you can trust

Packed full of content to both understand & optimise infant sleep. This self-paced online sleep course gives parents the knowledge & skills to implement ideal sleeping patterns with truly gentle sleep support.

Take control of your sleep situation!

Evidence based information you can trust

Become your child’s sleep expert with our self-paced Online Sleep Course. No rigid routines, no Cry It Out and no new purchases every time they reach a new stage.

  • Understand your child's sleep biology

  • Take control of your sleep situation

  • Have the knowledge and skills to implement ideal sleeping patterns for your baby or toddler

Teaching you what you need to know to make the adjustments necessary to create settled sleep for your whole family

  • Your child's sleep biology

  • Naps

  • Bedtime routine

  • Gentle sleep strategies

  • Early rising

  • Split nights

  • Sleep requirements

  • What's 'normal'!

  • Evidence based information you can trust

What our clients say...

  • 'I have used several sleep courses and this is the first one where I have felt very comfortable making the changes suggested. I really feel like it matches the ethos of how I want to parent whilst still being given tools to make changes'

  • 'Sian was very reassuring and provided really useful advice and guidance on how to help with our babies sleep. She was empathetic and non judgemental, making me feel more relaxed. I now feel more confident in my ability to support my babies sleep.'

  • I absolutely loved this, I especially love that I didn’t have to read too much Sian just talked it all through which was great for me. So many things she said ring true to my little girl and it’s so reassuring to know that and also to know that me responding to my child isn’t spoiling them in anyway like a lot of people say and recommend other methods and it’s just nice to know there is another way. I can’t wait to implement things I have learnt and I’m feeling much more positive about it all'

'I have already seen some beneficial changes to her sleep just one week on!'

  • What age range does the Online Sleep course cover?

    The No Milk Like Mama's Online Sleep Course is suitable from newborn through to toddlerhood (approximately 2 years). There is no need to purchase new products everytime your child reaches a new stage. This course will teach you how to make the adjustments required as they grow.

  • Do I have to do the whole course in one go?

    No, as a busy parent I know how hard it is to make the time to sit & work through something! This course is self-paced and in easy to digest chunks. The course can be accessed as many times as you like. You can revisit and go over chapters as much as you need to.

  • How do I view the course?

    The course is accessible on all devices. It has been developed for parents in a way that you can fit around your usual activities. Each chapter is on audio to enable you to continue with your day to day tasks whilst listening on the go. Unlimited access to content allows you to work through at your own pace and revisit chapters as you require.

  • What does the course cover?

    This self-paced course will teach you what you need to know to make the adjustments necessary to create settled sleep for your whole family. The course covers a whole host of sleep topics including sleep biology, night waking, naps, bedtime and gentle sleep strategies, giving you the knowledge and skills to implement ideal sleeping patterns for your baby or toddler.

Your Sleep Coach

IBCLC Lactation Consultation & Holistic Sleep Coach

Sian Aldis

Sian Aldis is the founder of No Milk Like Mama’s® and has a passion for good quality, consistent and evidence based support for families. Sian is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), the highest international qualification in infant feeding and Holistic Sleep Coach. With a Degree in Integrated Health & Social Care she is focused on family centred care, providing an holistic approach to the support she offers. Sian has completed two Advanced Level Open College Network (OCN) accredited gentle sleep courses and provides Gentle Sleep Support to families, offering information on nurturing alternatives to Cry-It-Out and similar sleep training methods.

Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 2

    Expectations vs. Reality

    • What's normal anyway?!

    • Expectations vs. Reality

  • 3

    Sleep Biology

    • Becoming your child's sleep expert

    • Sleep Biology

    • Signs of tiredness & dysregulation - PDF download

    • Safe Sleep

    • Safe sleep sources

    • Safe Sleep 7

    • Night Waking

  • 4

    Self Soothing & all that jazz

    • Why No Milk Like Mama's doesn't sleep train

    • Self Soothing - is it really a thing?

    • Cry It Out & Controlled Crying video - available to share if you are feeling pressure to sleep train your child

    • Sleep Training. Thanks, But No Thanks.

  • 5

    Naps & Sleep Requirements

    • Napping - A hot topic!

    • Napping needs

    • Sleep Requirements and Nap Needs - PDF download

    • Nap Timings

    • Case Studies

    • When Naps Don't Go To Plan

    • Naping giving you nightmares?!

  • 6

    Bedtime Routine

    • About Bedtime

    • Bedtime Routine

  • 7

    Optimising Sleep

    • Sleep strategies introduction

    • Sleep Strategies

    • Seated Settling

    • Safe Sleep 7 - co-sleeping/bedsharing PDF download

    • Safe Sleep resources - PDF download

    • Reducing Night Feeds / Wakings

    • Breast Compressions

    • Self Care

    • A short relaxation for parent & child

    • Guided Relaxation - audio download

  • 8

    Ongoing Support

    • What next?

    • Ongoing Support & Feedback

    • It's not goodbye! Come and join us.